CTD Survey outside Bergen

November 23, 2023

Our latest activity in Bergen Byfjord involved Eirik conducting operations remotely from our Remote Operations Center (ROC).

Nordic USV has conducted several CTD surveys in Bergen Byfjord as part of the initial testing and verification of our operations.

Our latest survey was carried out under wind 10 m/s and gusts of 18 m/s. The vessel has its CTD sensor mounted on the winch line at the front, enclosed in a protective cage to prevent damage to either the sensor or the vessel during transit. Eirik, our USV operator overseeing this survey, has 5 cameras onboard to monitor the vessel's status and its surroundings; one of these cameras is dedicated solely to monitoring the sensor. The vessel follows a pre-defined route authorized by the operator. At each designated point for a CTD profile, the vessel switches to hover mode to maintain its position. The winch can be lowered to the desired depth to log all necessary parameters, after which the sensor is retracted and the vessel proceeds to the next point.

Once the survey is completed, the operator docks the vessel at our docking station, where it begins charging and prepares for the next assignment. All survey data is uploaded to survey.nordicusv.com and made available for customer use.