Exploring The Depths: winch and sensor sea trials

November 21, 2023

Nordic Usv continue with sea trials with the focus on the winch and sensor systems onboard to ensure the system's reliability and effectiveness in a variety of maritime scenarios.

Nordic Usv is testing a new winch system on their unmanned surface vessel, featuring a 500-meter capacity and line speeds from 0.01 to 1 meter per second, marking a significant step in their maritime technology development.

Central to the winch system is a SAIV CTD instrument, a sensor-probe designed to log underwater parameters. This instrument measures salinity, temperature, and depth, and is equipped with additional sensors to log oxygen levels and turbidity. Enabling the collection of a wide range of environmental data.

The ongoing tests are primarily focused on two aspects: the control of the winch and its attached sensors, and the vessel's ability to maintain its position accurately. This dual focus ensures that not only is the equipment functioning as intended, but also that the vessel can operate effectively in various marine conditions.

The tests have shown promising results. The winch and sensor systems have performed well, demonstrating their potential for future research and operational applications. Additionally, the vessel has successfully maintained its position during these tests, a critical factor for precise data collection and maneuvering in marine environments.

Nordic Usv plans to continue these tests across different depths and weather conditions. This approach is designed to ensure the system's reliability and effectiveness in a variety of maritime scenarios. Through these rigorous testing processes, Nordic Usv aims to refine their technology and enhance their capabilities in maritime research and operations.