Nordic Usv's New Era: Introducing Reav-28 and Docking Stations

December 12, 2023

Discover how Nordic Usv is advancing maritime technology with their new Reav-28 vessel and innovative docking stations, enhancing efficiency and remote operability in their latest project.

Nordic Usv recently recived the Reav-28 vessel in Bergen, a vessel produced by HydroSurv. This new addition to their fleet is set to undergo a series of tests and trials to check the functionality of all its systems. These tests are essential to ensure the vessel operates as intended and meets Nordic Usv's operational requirements. The focus is on making sure that the Reav-28 is ready for the tasks it will be assigned, aligning with Nordic Usv's overall mission and objectives.

Alongside the vessel, Nordic Usv has developed docking stations critical to the operation of their USVs. These stations, designed and built by Nordic Usv AS, are intended for docking, launching, and recharging the vessels. They are operated remotely from the Remote Operation Center (ROC). Since August 2023, the docking stations have been undergoing various stability and functionality tests. The integration of these stations with the Reav-28 has begun, indicating a step forward in their operational process. These docking stations are an integral part of Nordic Usv's daily operations, aiming to enhance efficiency and reliability in their maritime activities.