Coastal Data Solution.


You are in control.

Our accessible web application offers users the ability to effortlessly customize and create their own missions. Users can precisely define the scope of their missions by inputting waypoints or drawing areas, and they have the flexibility to choose specific types of data and sensors, as well as determine the timing and frequency of measurements. This tool opens up efficient project planning and new collaborative opportunities through customized solutions.

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Minimize time and cost.

We utilize unmanned surface vessels (USVs) in combination with docking stations to facilitate the seamless initiation, execution, and completion of missions. The integration of these technologies enhances efficiency by enabling us to carry out operations across vast areas from a single location.

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Life Below Water

We focus mainly on target 14.A,14.2 and 14.5. We contribute by offering self-service solution that will provide cost-effective and advanced data collection to enable better decision-making. We are committed to offering flexible solutions that meet our customers needs directly and contribute to a more sustainable future for all.

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

We focus on building an infrastructure creating a great platform for monitoring the coastal area. By providing this infrastructure, we belive we contribute to making coastal data more accessible.

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